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    About dsm-firmenich Personal Care

    Looking after our face, skin, and hair is essential to our sense of self-confidence and holistic beauty. ?Our personal care solutions bring beauty, wellbeing and health to the forefront of daily life. ?And our sustainable, and scientifically-proven solutions, positively contribute to people’s lives, by enhancing their physical and emotional wellbeing, with science that works and respects our planet for generations to come.

    Products and Concepts

    We are a leading player in UV filters, vitamins and bioactive skin care, peptides and polymers. By leveraging our transformational ingredients and our exceptional understanding of beauty aspirations, we make sure our customers are ahead of the game.

    What's new: Sun Care


    PARSOL? DHHB (INCI: Diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate) is an efficient UVA absorber for sunscreen, face care and color cosmetic formulations. It enables broadband protection when combined with effective UVB filters and can also contribute to SPF.

    What's new: Hair Care

    Scalp Mapping

    Discover our 3D Scalp Mapping Technology! This fantastic technology open a new frontier in hair care by bridging the gap between scientific data and consumer language. Results are tangible for you and your customers in seconds with only few images! It is visual, so take a look!

    What's new: Skin Care

    Wonder You

    Stating that menopause is taboo has become a taboo in itself. The world of personal care has witnessed a consciousness switch that focuses on holistic well-being, mindfulness, and celebrating true individuality. No matter the race, gender, identity, or age.


    Taking action for a brighter future

    Through a strategy based on tangible action, and driven by DSM’s overall corporate sustainability goals, we are working to build sustainable practices into the foundations of everything we do. Our approach targets all aspects of our business – from product development and manufacturing, to the way we work with suppliers and engage with local communities.

    At product level, we provide clear information about the social and environmental footprint of our ingredients, their traceability and any applicable eco-certifications. And through sustainable innovation, from biotechnology to more eco-friendly suncare, we also hope to inspire conversation and overall change within the personal care industry.

    The circular economy

    At dsm-firmenich Personal Care we are designing solutions that harmonize the essential, the desirable and the sustainable. Watch our video to find out more.

    Explore our sustainability pledges

    Corporate sustainability goals in action

    To make the world a brighter place we all need to work together. Our approach to sustainability is therefore driven by DSM’s overall corporate strategy - which is underpinned by five key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    Sustainability on the product level

    As socially and environmentally responsible cosmetic ingredients suppliers, DSM is committed to making all its products as sustainable as possible throughout the value chain. One way we are working towards this goal is with our Imp’Act Card? which we have introduced to measure the sustainability of our products and to provide customers with transparent product information.

    Sustainable innovation

    To be fit for the future, we all need to consider the value we can bring consumers in terms of transparency and social and environmental responsibility. One way we do this is through our Impact Card system. As well as giving customers clear, tangible and comparable data about the sustainability of our current products, these cards provide a benchmark when developing new ingredients.

    Certification and industry standards

    To address customer and end consumer concerns about the sustainability of our products and practices, we strive to provide transparent and objective information about our production, processes and operations.

    Transparency along the value chain

    At DSM Personal Care & Aroma Ingredients we want to contribute towards a brighter, sustainable future and therefore have a strategy consistent with DSM’s overall corporate sustainability goals and underpinned by purpose led activities. For example, to improve the environmental and social footprint along the lifecycle of our products we are implementing various measures to optimize our production processes, reduce our emissions and waste, and offer equitable working conditions for our suppliers: Our ALPAFLOR? portfolio of skin actives is testament to this.

    Social responsibility

    Although skin cancer is a preventable disease, rates have been increasing for decades. According to WHO statistics, currently, between 2 and 3 million non-melanoma skin cancers and 132,000 melanoma skin cancers occur globally each year. In the USA meanwhile, the American Cancer Society reports that American people have a 20% chance of developing skin cancer by the age of 65. As a leading supplier of UV filters, DSM makes an important contribution to prevention of this illness. Our activities in this area are one of the key ways in which we support UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 - ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all - at all ages.


    dsm-firmenich leads the way in beauty care ingredients with up-to-the minute trends research

    The world and society are changing constantly, and new “mega trends” continue to emerge in response. These trends are triggered by changes in people’s lifestyles and by socio-demographic factors, but they also influence and shape people, creating new habits and needs among consumers.

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