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  • Medical Nutrition

    Purpose-led medical nutrition solutions

    Getting the right nutritional care in a timely manner is critical in championing the health of patients and elderly individuals, reducing medical complications and promoting recovery and independence. However, creating insight-led medical nutrition products takes more than ingredients. It takes a partner that is inspired by patients and older adults to continuously innovate to meet their needs.

    At dsm-firmenich, this means taking a human-centric approach to innovation; to ensure consumer needs and preferences are addressed in a way that will ultimately enhance their quality of life. Partner with dsm-firmenich to get access to our broad portfolio of science-backed products, customized solutions and expert services, so that you can meet the ever-evolving and complex nutritional needs of patients and the elderly.

    Discover customized medical nutrition Premix Solutions

    Disease-related malnutrition illuminated

    To support those at high risk of disease-related malnutrition and facilitate improved holistic care, medical nutrition is fundamental. Improving the accessibility of tailored nutritional solutions starts with healthcare professionals, responsible for malnutrition screening and the prescription of specialized medical nutrition solutions. To explore risks and opportunities to providing the best nutritional care to patients, DSM initiated a global survey assessing the attitudes and behaviors of healthcare professionals towards the screening and management of disease-related malnutrition.

    Insight-led medical nutrition solutions for the elderly

    By enabling the development of tailored medical nutrition solutions that help to overcome common barriers to nutritional intake in the elderly, DSM enables optimal nutritional care for patients, supporting their health and independence.

    DSM enables the development of targeted medical nutrition solutions. This includes formats that help overcome common barriers to nutritional intake and optimize dietary management in elder care.

    More than ingredients

    Learn how dsm-firmenich can help your business. Select the options below to connect your needs with the right solution.

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