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  • Early Life Nutrition

    What We Do

    We make it possible for our customers to develop efficacious and safe solutions that support the optimal development within the first 1000 days of life.

    How We Do It

    We make this happen through high-quality, science-backed, insight-driven products and customized premix solutions complemented with the right expertise.

    We see active pregnancies that lead to happy, healthy babies and mothers.

    We see healthier, happier childhoods, creating healthier, happier futures.

    when you choose algal-sourced omega-3

    More sustainable, more potent and more enjoyable to consume.

    More than ingredients

    Learn how dsm-firmenich can help your business. Select the options below to connect your needs with the right solution.

    I'd like to explore...

    Quick Links

    Premix Solutions

    Customized blends of desired functional ingredients in one single, efficient, homogenous premix.

    Health Benefits & Solutions

    Solutions to address consumers' health and lifestyle needs.

    Market-ready Solutions

    Streamline your product development process and get to market faster.


    We're innovators in nutrition, health, and beauty. And we bring progress to life!

    Talking Nutrition

    Explore new science, consumer insights, industry events and more.

    Customer Portal

    Request samples, place orders and view product documentation.

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