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    Taste, texture and health Enjoy it all

    It’s time for plant power

    We believe that people should be able to enjoy plant-based alternative foods without sacrificing the pleasure of a delicious meal, snack or drink. That’s why we’ll support you every step of the way in crafting winning recipes for dairy, meat and fish alternatives as well as ready-to-drink (RTD) and ready-to-mix (RTM) applications that deliver taste, texture and health for both people and planet.

    The market for alternative proteins is rising by 5-10% CAGR - and we’re here to help customers seize that opportunity. For example, in meat alternatives our yeast extracts and natural process flavors deliver meaty umami flavor with no off-notes and the ability to reduce salt and fat.

    In dairy alternatives we can support you in fine-tuning the taste, texture, sweetness and nutritional value of plant-based drinks. While, in RTM sports and lifestyle applications, we can help create delicious, nutritious protein-rich beverages for weight management or high performance - with easy digestibility, a creamy smooth mouthfeel, and no lumps.

    We’ll even help you pack more nutrition into your plant-based product with CanolaPRO?, our innovative plant-based protein isolate; as well as our family of vitamins and nutritional premixes. Together, we’ll help you create the best possible plant-based protein ?alternatives without having to choose between taste, texture and health. You can enjoy it all.

    Our?Plant-Based Protein Alternatives experts are always ready to help you

    Plant-Based Protein Alternatives markets

    Dairy alternatives

    Whether you’re developing oat-based or soy-based drinks (or other dairy alternatives), we enrich the nutritional value, improve texture and add mouthfeel to your product.

    Meat & Fish alternatives

    We’ll help you create tasty, nutritious and sustainable meat and fish alternative products with our versatile solution and experts.

    RTM/RTD applications

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re developing protein powders for weight management or high performance. We’ll work with you to create a creamy smooth mouthfeel, high digestibility score and complete amino acid profile.

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