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  • Our stakeholder engagement

    Shaping the sustainability agenda

    Shaping the sustainability agenda

    With the scientific resources and knowledge at our disposal, DSM has a unique opportunity right now to influence and shape the sustainability agenda. But of course we cannot do it alone. We encourage our people to get involved in sustainability on a personal level through their professional and personal networks; while on an organizational level we work a hugely diverse range of like-minded people - from the United Nations, to governments, NGOs, academia and other private companies.

    Stakeholder organizations

    Customer engagement

    Our value chains: Creating value for all

    We work every day with customers on new sustainability ideas and initiatives with the potential to create value for everyone – in everything from the co-development of products (especially our Brighter Living Solutions), to disclosure of sustainability declarations, testing methodologies, and joint research and communications.?

    Great taste, less salt

    Replacing salt in our diets without reducing the taste can be tricky - which is why we invented Maxarome?, a 100% natural yeast savory?taste enhancer. In a scientific study conducted in partnership with Unilever we successfully replaced 25% of the salt content in soup with the highly concentrated Maxarome (which represented just 1% of the total recipe). The result: food that tastes good while benefitting health.

    Combating malnutrition

    We work with customers and all kinds of other organizations to combat malnutrition and tackle disease. We’re a long-term strategic partner to the UN World Food Programme in the supply of micronutrient powders and supplements for fighting what we call ‘hidden hunger’; and we also distribute micronutrients through other commercial channels - for example to the South African Department of Health and its patients. Meanwhile, in Asia we found a way to develop fortified rice kernels with the look and taste of normal rice (historically a major barrier to take-up) and are now looking to expand this further afield.

    Measuring milk with Nestlé

    When our customer Nestlé was as interested as ourselves in measuring the environmental, social and health impacts of a fortified milk product in Asia, we joined forces. The resulting project led not only to greater insights and recommendations for developing more sustainable products; but also to better integration of sustainability into innovation and communication.?As Anne Roulin, Global R&D Sustainability Manager Nestlé commented "The collaboration supports a mutual cross-fertilization of ways of working in the area of sustainability and innovation, beneficial for the early identification of new opportunities as well as mitigation of areas of risk".

    Supplier engagement

    A strong, sustainable – and circular – value chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Which is why we work with our suppliers to make it a reality – in everything from packaging and logistics to reducing raw materials and carbon emissions.

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    • Factbooks


      DSM's Factbook provides investors and analysts with an introduction to the company and our key individual businesses.

    • Product stewardship

      Product stewardship

      We work tirelessly to manage and minimize all possible adverse effects of our products on people and the environment, across the entire value chain.

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