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  • Working together for greater impact

    The power of partnerships

    Partnering with DSM

    There is no innovation without collaboration. We work with thousands of organizations, including startups, academia, suppliers, customers and more all around the world to transform the health of people and the planet for the better.

    Startup funding, coaching, and support

    As the venture capital arm of DSM, DSM Venturing has invested in more than 100 startups, connecting founders to funding, expertise, and technology to help them succeed in tackling some of the world’s toughest challenges.

    Collaboration is a win-win

    Long-term partnerships create value for everyone: not just for profit, but for people and our planet. DSM is investing to improve the way we all work together – and encouraging our suppliers to do the same.

    A smart way to do business with DSM

    Serving our customers with the highest quality is key. ?We operate various webshops and portals which provide as a way for customers to have simpler, smarter, seamless and secure interaction with DSM at any time of the day.

    How we operate

    The information you need to do business with DSM, including our General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Purchase, company registration and VAT details.

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    • Our businesses

      Our businesses

      DSM's companies span a range of human and animal health and nutrition businesses.

    • Managing sustainability

      Managing sustainability

      DSM puts great effort into managing sustainability and putting the right people, partners and processes in place.

    • Our operations

      Our operations

      DSM takes its global environmental and social responsibilities seriously. This goes beyond our own operations to that of our suppliers, customers, and end-users.

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