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    Ask the expert

    Dr. Maaike Bruins, Lead Nutrition Scientist at DSM, discusses role of vitamin D in optimizing immunity.

    Keep challenging series

    DSM & Team DSM launch cycling challenge series to encourage people to improve their health. Sign-up now!

    DSM launches Sustell?

    Sustell?, an intelligent sustainability service, drives farm-level improvements in environmental footprint and profitability.

    Boost your Immuni-D

    Campaign seeks to address 80% of Indians having insufficient levels of vitamin D and highlight its importance in building immunity.

    Improving lifetime performance

    We're focusing our passion and experience on improving animal health and welfare at every stage of life.

    Discover ampli-D?

    The common form of vitamin D in the body is now also available as a x3 faster acting dietary supplement with new ampli-D?.

    Introducing Team DSM

    One of road cycling’s most?exciting young teams -?Team Sunweb?- will transform in 2021 into… Team DSM.?

    Proteins of the future

    With the plant-based food trend booming, CanolaPro? is a protein derived from non-GMO canola (or rapeseed).


    DSM thanks employees and partners; it's the sum of our efforts, especially in times of uncertainty, that truly define who we are.

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    • Our strategy

      Our strategy

      Our strategy centers on our continuing evolution towards being a Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living company. It’s called Growth & Value – Purpose-led, Performance-driven.

    • Our businesses

      Our businesses

      From animal and human nutrition & health to specialty food ingredients, from medical devices to sustainable plastics and protective materials to venturing…our businesses are here to bring value to all stakeholders.

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