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    Press releases

    All the press releases, news and company announcements published in the last 10 years.

    Results center

    Overview of results, financial and regulatory press releases, investor updates and presentations, and AGMs.

    Merger with Firmenich

    Launch of dsm-firmenich brings together one of the largest innovation and creation communities in nutrition, health, and beauty

    Trading update? ? ??

    Prioritizing profitability over sales volumes has supported DSM’s margins, which improved sequentially into the second quarter.

    Measurable commitments

    DSM makes it’s societal impact explicit with the first year’s audited results of its food system commitments for 2030.

    Annual Report 2022

    The 2022?Integrated Annual Report contains detailed insights into DSM’s financial and non-financial progress during a year.

    EGM approves merger

    DSM shareholders approved the proposed merger between DSM and Firmenich and voted in favor of all related resolutions at the EGM.

    Reduction target increased

    DSM is accelerating its energy transition and moving its greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions target to 59% by 2030.

    DSM Engineering Materials

    DSM has reached an agreement to sell its Engineering Materials business to Advent International and LANXESS.

    DSM Protective Materials

    DSM has reached an agreement to sell its Protective Materials business to Avient for an Enterprise Value of €1.44 billion.

    First Choice Ingredients

    DSM has completed its acquisition of First Choice Ingredients, a leading supplier of dairy-based savory flavorings.


    DSM simplifies operating structure & reorganizes Health, Nutrition & Bioscience activities into three Business Groups.

    First full market authorizations

    DSM receives authorizations for methane-reducing feed additive Bovaer? for beef and dairy in Brazil and Chile.

    100% renewable energy

    DSM's four sites in Jiangsu Province, China in first group to sign Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements.

    CO2 emissions down sharply

    DSM to be powered by 100% renewable electricity in North America by the end of 2021.? ? ?

    Video library

    Media contacts

    Professional journalists are welcome to contact DSM's media relations team. If you have a general or product-specific enquiry, or any other non-journalistic question, please refer to the details here.


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    • Our strategy

      Our strategy

      Our strategy centers on our continuing evolution towards being a Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living company. It’s called Growth & Value – Purpose-led, Performance-driven.

    • Our purpose

      Our purpose

      Learn about what we do and why we do it; as well as our scientific heritage, organizational framework - and external recognition.

    • Corporate Governance

      Corporate Governance

      We believe in doing business the right way: from our management and supervisory boards, to our code of business conduct, to our position papers and statements on key industry issues.

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