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  • Ruminants


    Ruminant Nutrition and Health

    Ruminants and products derived from them are a major source of food everywhere in the world. As grazing animals, ruminants are able to digest plants and stems and do not necessarily compete with the human food chain. This has the potential to give ruminants a growing role in global agriculture. Increased efficiency of ruminant husbandry should of course go hand in hand with careful management of the environment.

    We are committed to providing innovative feed additives that:

    • Increase the efficiency and profitability of production
    • Improve animal welfare and lifetime performance
    • Deliver high quality end-products
    • Help protect the environment

    Mycotoxins: A Key Challenge Impacting Farm Profitability

    Learn about how at dsm-firmenich we can help you overcome the challenges of sustainable dariy and cattle farming

    Top Ruminant Challenges

    Improving Nutrition & Performance

    Supporting Animal Health

    Enhancing End-product Quality

    Ensuring Sustainability & Animal Welfare

    Safeguarding Feed Quality


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